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Obtaining Turkish citizenship has become easier for investors

Posted by Tamer on June 21, 2019
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Obtaining Turkish citizenship has become easier for investors

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In accordance with the Turkish citizenship law published in the government newspaper September 19, 2018, it was necessary to pay a minimum price for citizenship, which was reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250,000. Soon new specialized offices will be opened, and all necessary processes will be completed in the near future.

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The 20th paragraph, the provisions of which relate to the application of the laws on Turkish citizenship, which includes provisions on foreigners who receive “serious Turkish citizenship”.

Documents required to apply:

Valid passport

– 4 photos

– Birth certificate

– Residence

– A medical certificate confirming your mental and physical health

– Turkish language certification

– If applicable, documents proving your relationship with your spouse and children (marriage certificate, birth certificate for children)

– Proof of regular income (e.g. work permit, pension, rental income)

– A document showing how long you have lived in Turkey, as well as all departures and entrances to Turkey

– If applicable, a copy of the Turkish ID and the address of relatives in Turkey

How to apply

After the adoption of the new rules, the estimated main asset for obtaining Turkish citizenship was reduced from $ 1 million to $ 500 thousand. In addition, the minimum price of real estate for foreigners who own real estate in Turkey and want to obtain citizenship has been reduced to 250 thousand dollars.

Another condition for obtaining citizenship was at least the provision of employment for at least 100 people, and it was also changed from 100 to 50 people. In addition, the amount of money that foreigners had to deposit in banks located in Turkey was reduced from $ 3 million to $ 500 thousand.

In addition to these quick financial methods provided by the Turkish government, there are other types of citizenship;

Holders of a property permit and residence permit: a person who owns real estate in Turkey and has been living in Turkey for five years without a break can also apply for citizenship, but also during this 5-year period he must not be in Turkey less than 185 days. Every year. The minimum property value does not apply in this type of citizenship.


The easiest way is to be born in a family with a Turkish mother and father, because citizens born to one or both Turkish parents have the right to obtain citizenship immediately. In addition, if parents successfully obtain citizenship, their children can also benefit from it. In case of loss of citizenship, it can be reapplied.


Another way that seems most famous and simple is marriage. A marriage with a Turkish citizen does not directly grant citizenship. However, foreigners who have been married for at least three years with a Turkish citizen and whose marriage continues, can apply for Turkish citizenship.

Turquoise system

The turquoise system was introduced in 2017 and allows talented and educated people such as art, economics, technology, sports, as well as investors / managers to apply for a special type of citizenship that almost grants them full rights.

Application process

If you currently reside in Turkey, you can apply through the local administration, and if you live abroad, you can do this through the consulate. Depending on your circumstances, the type of application you will make, as well as the required documents will also vary.

As we have said, they will be different, but in general they may include a passport, residence permit, marriage certificate, photographs, birth certificate, etc. There is also another condition for individual applicants who attend the interview, which will be held in Turkish.

The time required for the entire application process depends on your circumstances, since you have made the necessary documents, but the Ministry of the Interior will provide information on this and other updates. If your application is rejected, in accordance with the Citizenship Law, you have the right to apply again to the governorship to obtain citizenship.

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