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Bus destinations and time in Alanya

Posted by Tamer on July 19, 2019
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Bus destinations and time in Alanya


If you plan to buy property in Turkey, we advise you to read this article to familiarize yourself with the transport of Alanya.


As you know, Alanya is a tourist city. Many services cater to tourists. 650 tourist sites. Each year, an average of 11,000,000 tourists visit Alanya.

Many foreigners have been living in Alanya for many years. Many overseas areas buy or rent houses for sale. Data show that an average of 100 foreign national languages ​​live in Alanya. You will not find such a difference even in many European countries. This shows how warm and harmonious the indigenous people of Alanya live. If you meet with a local resident of Alanya, you are sure to find a person in the family.

As of 2016, we live in Alanya.

Russian Federation an average of 1700 people

Germany an average of 1350 people

Iraq an average of 850 people

Iran averages 700 people

Netherlands an average of 450 people

Ukraine an average of 450 people

This number is increasing among citizens of other countries. In total, an average of 9,000 foreigners live in this region. Housing in Alanya. The number of people receiving housing in Alanya is much higher. The above data apply to foreigners.

Most people think this is the best way to get to know the city. For this reason, the first question that comes to Alanya is how to get to bus routes. As a result, it’s quite difficult to find information about this. In particular, there is no information on bus routes in different languages. In this article we will give you information about bus routes in Alanya and places where you can go in this region.

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BUS No. 1

Direction of bus number 1

Yacht Harbor – Otogar – Cleopatra – Damlatas – Ptt Alania – Friday Bazaar-Oba-Tosmur-Kestel- West side of Mahmutlar

Bus route number 1 starts at 06:15 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

The route West side of Mahmutlar starts at 06:15 and runs in the direction until 23.00.

You can get to this route. This is the only marina in Alanya. This place is often visited by foreigners and those who love yachts. Many people do not know that there is a very beautiful bay. Due to its low purity and undulation. Especially this place is preferred by a family with children.

Cleopatra Beach is on this route. Cleopatra Beach – Blue Flag. Alanya is the most beautiful beach. Legend has it that Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, stopped in Alanya during an expedition to the Mediterranean Sea and entered the sea in this bay. Another feature of Cleopatra Bay is the purity of the water. Those looking for the perfect swimming spot can head to the Phosphoric Cave under the peninsula. You can swim with sunglasses. Access to the beach is free, services are paid.

Damlatas Cave is also located in the Cleopatra region. The castle is located at the end of Cleopatra’s beach. Damlatasha Cave was discovered in 1948. This cave is decorated with thousands of beautiful stalactites and stalagmites.

Total length 30m. The cave is dry, horizontal type. It covers an area of ​​200 m. The length of the passage is 45-50 m, and the height is 13-14 m, and the height is 15 m. There are also columns formed 15,000 years ago. The two-story cavity of the cave contains 2500 cubic meters of air. The temperature inside is 22.3 degrees in summer and winter. The absolute humidity is 19.6 degrees, relative humidity 98%. As a result of exposure to large amounts of carbon dioxide. Although the air pressure is slightly below sea level, it is 760 mm.

The total area of ​​the cave is 180-200 square meters. With such a thickness, 10 m around the cave are reached, there is no chance of collapse. Stalactites and stalagmites in a cave. It is believed that this happened between 20,000-15,000 years. This is the first cave discovered in Turkish tourism.

Healing properties: the cave has four characteristics. It is known that the first two elements in the environment are caves, usually 8-10 times more carbon dioxide, high humidity, low dry matter content, radioactivity, and the other two are considered auxiliary factors.

Patients who come to Alanya for treatment should first inform the doctor of their intention and make sure that they should contact the appropriate cave staff. A nominal fee is charged for the treatment.

Cable car: the shortest way to the castle. There is a boarding pass in the beach area and you can go down to the castle. You can walk to the pier area.

The castle is located in this region. If you decide not to visit the historic castle of Alanya.

Friday Bazaar is the most important open market. The city center and the pier are on this route.

Use it. This is the easiest route to reach the Oba, Tosmur and Kestel regions. The end point is the western side of Mahmutlar.

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BUS No. 2

Bus Direction No. 2

Dinek-bus station-tapu-Anatolian hospital-hospital Tashkent-Friday market-hatzet-old state hospital-shopping center Sanayi- alanyum-shopping center metro-shopping center Kostaş-oba-tosmur-kestel- west side of Mahmutlar.

The beginning of the route in the morning at 06:30 and the last departure at 22:50.

The time of the senior morning is at 06:30 in the morning, the time of the last departure is 22:50.

In this route, Kestel passes through the beach, and when you cross the bridge over the river, the bus leaves the ring road and passes through Tosmur. After that, “Metro” to “Metro” and “Costas”. It enters a 25-meter road from the area where the former state hospital continues.


BUS No. 3

Direction of bus number 3

Dinek-Türk Telkom Circular – Courthouse – Commercial Secondary School Circular – Old State Hospital – Sanayi- Alanyum Shopping Center – Metro Shopping Center – Koçtaş Shopping Center – Oba-Tosmur-Kestel-Yangili (West Side of Mahmutlar).

Bus number 3 leaves at 06:45 from Dinek and reaches the fire route until 20:00 in the evening.

The first flight starts at 06:20 and continues in the direction of Dineka until 20.00.

In this route, Kestel passes through the beach, and when you cross the bridge over the river, the bus leaves the ring road and passes through Tosmur. They were directed against the tops of the area. Turk Telecom.


BUS No. 4

Direction of bus number 4

Kale-kuyular önü mosque- Friday market- damlataş

From 07:30 until Friday, the market begins its journey to the castle, 19:00 – the last time. He moves every hour.

From 08:00 to Friday, the market starts from the castle, and the last route takes place at 19:00. He comes every hour.

This route is intracity. It is not long, and the places it passes are within walking distance, and the departure time is long, because it is possible to take a taxi. We recommend using it to tour the city and the castle. Take the bus to the castle and get down from here will be fun.


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BUS No. 5

Direction of bus number 5

Tepe Mah- Türk Telekom Circular – Title Page (Tapu) – Internal Revenue Service – Friday Market

At 7:05 a.m. Friday, the bus leaves until Sunday until 7:05 p.m. until this time has expired.

Departure time in the Tepe neighborhood starts at 07:35 and ends at 19:45.

There are several important points along this route. Weekends start at 07:30 from Friday to Sunday. At 7:05 from the hill, the car leaves the vicinity of Bektash hill. Expedition Hill 15:15 and descent from the hill.


BUS No. 6

Direction of bus number 6

Hasbahçe- trading school-courthouse-hatzet- friday market

It leaves from Friday to Sunday at 07:30, and the last time on this route is at 17:30.

Hasbahçe’den 07:50 Kalakar, and the last – 17:50.

Hasbahce is usually the area where the villas are located. Many locals live here.


BUS No. 7

Bus direction 7
Friday Market – Anadolu Hospital – Vegetable Market – Fish Market – Turk Telekom – Suggest Crossroads
It departs from Friday to Sunday at 07:00 and is open until 21:00.


BUS No. 8

Direction of bus number 8

Friday Bazaar – Hatzet – Rabbit Cafe

The bus runs from Friday to Sunday at 07:00 and continues until 19:10.

The action begins at 19:25 and continues until 19:25.

Many people asked about the hill, which says: “I love Alanya.” You can go there with this bus. Alanya, which is a rabbit cafe. I think this is the most amazing place in Alanya. I definitely recommend you go here.


BUS No. 9

Bus direction number 9

Friday Market – Zimbitlik – Stock Market – Tapu – Anadolu Hospital – Turkish Telecommunications Center – Hati Mehmetli

The bus is available from Friday to Sunday at 07:00, and the route continues until 19:00.

07:20 begins with hacımehmetli and continues until 19:20.


BUS No. 10

Direction of bus number 10

Friday Market – 25m Road – çevre yolu – Dimçay

The bus leaves from Friday to Sunday at 07:00 and leaves until 19:20.

The movement starts at 07:00 and continues until 20:00.

The beginning of the Dim River begins at the foot of the Taurus Mountains. Picnic spots start just below the dam. Tea gardens serve tourists. We have everything to drink tea and chat with family.

Some restaurants allow you to travel with your own food. Upon request, fresh fish prepared in the form of a grill and a frying pan with salad is waiting for you. After you plunged into the cool water of the Dim Chai River.

The distance from the Dim Dam to the center of Alanya is about 16 km. The main road to the beach is 3 km away. On the road leading to the dam, there is a crossroads of the cave Dim. If you want to visit the cave, you can take this road. When you go to this area, you will see that many choose this region for safari.


BUS No. 11

Bus direction 11

Friday Market – 25m Road – Alanium Shopping Mall – Metro Shopping Mall – New State Hospital – Dental Hospital – Karakocali

It leaves from Friday to Sunday at 06:00 and lasts until 22:10.

Departure starts at 06:30 from Karakokala and continues until 22:35.


BUS No. 12

Bus Direction 12

Friday Market-Cikcilli-Charshamba- Upper Both – Desirmendere

The bus runs from Friday to Sunday at 07:10 and leaves until 21:05.

At 06:20, the departure from Desirmendrader begins and continues until 21:30.


BUS No. 13

Bus direction 13

Friday, Sunday-Chiccilli-Charshamba- Upper Oba – Bukakoluk

The bus runs from Friday to Sunday at 06:40 and leaves until 20:05.

7:05 starts and continues until 20:45 from Bukakoluka.


BUS No. 14

Bus Direction No. 14

Friday Market-cikcilli-migros- mezbaha-taşbaşi

The bus runs from Friday to Sunday at 06:50 and leaves until 20:00.

Route 07:10 begins and continues until 19:10 from Tashbash.


BUS No. 15

Bus Direction No. 15

Friday Market-Cikcilli- Alanium-Metro-Upper Oba-köseler – Tashkonak

Departure from Friday to Sunday at 06:40 and departure until 20:30.

At 07:00 we start moving from Tashkonak and continue until 21:00.


BUS No. 16

Direction of bus number 16

Friday Market – Cikcilli – Alanium Shopping Mall – Metro Shopping Mall – Oba- Tosmur

It leaves from Friday to Sunday at 06:30 and continues until 20:30.

At 07:00, the movement starts from Tosmur and continues until 20:00.


BUS No. 17

Direction of bus number 17

Village bus station – 25m road – Migros- Cikcilli – up oba- çıplaklı

Departure from the village bus station at 06:30 and continued until 20:30.

The movement starts from Çıplaklı at 07:00 and continues until 20:00.


BUS No. 18

Direction of bus number 18

Village bus station – road 25m – Migros Chiccilli – to both-Çıplaklı

Departure from the bus station Village at 06:10 and continued until 22:10.

The movement starts at 6:30 in the morning and continues until 22:45.


BUS No. 19

Bus Direction No. 19

Village stop – 25m road – Cikcilli – mezbaha- çıplaklı water store

Departure from the village bus station at 06:10 and lasts until 22:20 hours.

The movement starts at 6:30 in the morning and continues until 22:35.


Bus number 101

Direction of bus number 101

Marina – Street Dinek-Otogar-Ataturk-PTT-SANAYI-OBA-ALANTUR-DIMZHAY BRIDGE

It turns out from Elikesik leaves at 06:37 to 22:45 the time continues.

At 6:37 a.m., the movement begins and continues until 22:45.


BUS number 202

Direction of bus number 202

Marina-Dinek-Otogar-25m Road-Otogar-Vergidairesi-sanayi-Oba- Alantur-Dimcay Bridge-University

Elikesik leaves at 06:15 and lasts until 23:30 hours.

At 06:15, departure starts from the university and lasts until 23:30.


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