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Importing Pets into Turkey: Important to Know

Posted by Tamer on June 19, 2019
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Importing Pets into Turkey: Important to Know


To know more about the topic of importing pets into Turkey: it is important to know, we recommend reading the article.


Importing pets to Turkey from the UK and other parts of the world can seem like a frightening process, but the clear procedures established by the Turkish government and pet transport companies will greatly help your pet travel stress-free. Thousands of people brought their dogs and cats to Turkey, and for those who stay here only a few months of the year, it is just as easy to bring them back to their homeland.

This article describes in detail the things you need to know, but the procedures always change, so consult the Turkish Consulate in your country twice or use the services of a professional pet transport company. Also, start the procedure at least four months before the trip to make sure that you adhere to the required time frames and dates.

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You can bring 2 cats, dogs or birds or 10 aquarium fish. Birds must have an identification ring, and cats and dogs must have a microchip. The chip must be 15-bit and ISO compatible. Ten days before you leave your country, you will receive a health certificate from a government-certified veterinarian in your country. This certificate should show that your pet is vaccinated against internal and external parasites.

Before leaving, get your pet’s passport or ID. If you want to bring more than two pets with you or do not accompany them on the way, get an import permit at the Ministry of Agriculture of Turkey.

Additional documents include a rabies vaccination certificate indicating all vaccinations, the last of which must be done no later than 12 months before arrival and at least 30 days in advance. Turkey does not accept a three-year vaccination against rabies.

In addition, get a blood test in an approved laboratory 90 days before entry. If all of the above is respected, there is no need to quarantine your furry friend. Upon arrival, the Turkish border guards will call the Turkish veterinarian to check the certificate and pass a health check of your pet.

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Prohibited Breeds and Pet Restrictions

Turkey prohibits pets from entering the country, including pit bull terriers, Rottweilers, Japanese togas, Dogo Argentino, some breeds of mastiffs, American Staffordshire terriers and a Brazilian fillet. If your pet is anything other than a dog, cat or ferret, make sure it is not under CITIES protection.

This is the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna, and if they are covered by this protection status, you need additional permissions. This status extends to African gray parrots. When importing a pet from the United States, you need a U.S. Department of Agriculture Veterinary Certificate.

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Traveling to Turkey with your pets by car or by air

Currently, Turkish Airlines is the only airline carrying pets to Turkey by air. They do not allow pregnant animals, nursing mothers, puppies and kittens under the age of ten weeks to fly. If your pet weighs 8 kg or less, he can travel in the cabin if he is in a cage. However, parrots, larger animals, and pigeons must enter the cargo compartment inside the travel crate.

Many people transport their cats or dogs on the road. Reasons include more convenient travel conditions, less stress for their four-legged friends, they do not need to be separated for a period of time, and they often make a mini-trip by car, staying in hotels where pets are allowed, and stopping to see the cities and attractions on the route.

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Animal transportation services to and from Turkey

Pet Transport in Turkey: This professional pet transport company has been operating since 2011, and for people who want to bring their pets to Turkey, they help with door-to-door delivery and entry procedures. Their specialty is the flight of your pet, and they have bases at both Istanbul airports, but operate at airports across the country.

ввоз домашних животных в турциюPaws Bulgaria: If you do not want your pet to travel by air, Pawz Bulgaria has transported more than 2,000 animals to Turkey and the UK and back by land.



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