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How to buy land for investment in Turkey

Posted by Tamer on June 19, 2019
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How to buy land for investment in Turkey


If you want to know how to buy land for investment in Turkey, we recommend that you read this article.


Turkey is a fast-growing country that is rich in real estate investments. The country has an incredibly young population, which attracts the local need for real estate. High-level foreign direct investment is growing in Turkey. Increasing purchasing power in real estate. In addition, Turkey has a growing tourism industry with almost vast opportunities for further development, which indicates the need for short-term rental real estate and holiday homes for sale. In addition, Turkey has the opportunity to join the most strategic countries in the world.

Guide to Kepez Antalya

купить землю для инвестиций в турции

Turkey needs more land to build residential real estate

When it comes to local demand, an investor can do real estate, focusing only on this target group. Almost half of the total population of Turkey is under 25 years old, most of them live in Istanbul, Antalya, Adana, Bursa, Konya, Izmir and Ankara. Real estate in these cities is scarce, but there is investment in it. Demand for real estate creates employment opportunities that generate further internal immigration from the countryside to people who are looking for work. This is an ideal place for investors who are looking for land for sale. Demand for residential real estate is constantly growing. To meet the requirements for the production of real estate, the Turkish government is selling new construction sites. Municipalities of the above cities produce land for apartments and land for houses. These plots have a building permit and all urban needs. Land prices with building permits are low these days. Rising property prices also affect land prices. An investor who buys residential real estate can generate significant returns and capitalize on the high return on capital.

Buying Property in Istanbul

Time to buy land in Turkey

As mentioned, foreign direct investment in Turkey is expanding. This is not obvious, as in real estate. Significant investments are coming from the Middle East and Europe to commercial and residential complexes that create employment opportunities and strengthen the economy. In addition, direct investment in the private sector was not fully satisfied. Investors know this is a huge country. Geographical and cultural diversity suggests that Turkey may be relevant to its tourism industry. In Turkey there is a place for recreation and travel.

The number of tourists is increasing. Many of these tourists also buy property off the coast of Turkey. Foreign investors have to invest in production.

The consequences of determining the demand for real estate in Turkey as an investment product. In addition, Turkey continues to do its best to harmonize decisions and policies with countries acceptable to the European Union. If they ultimately comply with EU requirements, for these reasons.


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