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Learning to live a dream in Alanya

Posted by Tamer on June 20, 2019
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Learning to live a dream in Alanya

For your dream to live in Alanya, we recommend reading the article.

When you think about living in heaven on earth, you might think about moving to Alanya, Turkey.

On the coast of the Mediterranean Sea on the Turkish Riviera is one of the most famous pearls of Turkey, which is called Alanya.

Historical Places in Antalya to Enjoy

About 130 km east of Antalya, Alanya is a castle town enriched with landscapes, heritage, culture, coast and coastline, as beautiful as your eyes can see.

Located below the Taurus Mountains, on the Mediterranean Peninsula, Alanya has a natural strategic position with a history stretching far into the Byzantine and Ottoman empires. With history, including the Ptolemies, Seleucids, and the Roman Empire, Alanya is enriched with history, which has turned it into the magnificent place that it is today.

The greatest milestone in the history of Alanya was established with the Seljuk Sultanate of Roma under the rule of Alaa Alddin  Kaykubat. This sultanate has established key attractions in Alanya, such as Kyzyl Kule (Red Tower), Tersan (shipyard) and Kale (Alanya Castle).

Studying in Turkey

Alanya is considered an ideal holiday destination with a beautiful coastline, beautiful sandy beaches, magnificent landscape, views of the seaside mountains, incomparable nightlife, tourist activities and much more.

In reality, nothing compares to what Alanya has to offer. Many migrants from Europe and the Middle East live in this paradise and enjoy everything that life in Alanya has to offer.

Thanks to boutiques and shops throughout the city, tourists can enjoy antique souvenir shops, narrow streets of historical heritage and small cafes that have the best tea and classic Lahmajun, which are classic Turkish dishes.

Restaurants and viewing platforms in Calais (castle) cover one of the best views of the coastline that you can see. With its panoramic view, you can see the beaches on both sides of the castle, including the vast Taurus Mountains.

The nightlife in Alanya is impressive and offers many places, pubs, clubs and cocktail bar boutiques. An ideal place for tourists who want to have a great time! The harbor and city of Alanya, filled with color, bright lights and diversity, can be a place you will never want to leave.

Delicious regional dishes of Alanya

In Alanya, portrait painters, animators and tourists from different countries work, so they offer a variety of ethnicity, so you will never feel estranged from the culture of the world. With the hospitality and diversity of European and Middle Eastern culture, you will find Alanya your home away from home.

If you want to enjoy beautiful barbecue places on the river bank and picnic areas, Alanya offers you to enjoy your vacation on the bank of the Dimchay River. You will see the beauty of the river flowing from the mountain with fresh ice water and flowering coastal greenery. Alanya is ideal for family gatherings and walks. If you are looking for impressions of mountain caves, look at what is in Damlatas cave, where you can see the natural developing landscape of the inner caves of the Taurus Mountains.

Apartment In Kestel

A stunning and breathtaking stone pool filled with waterfalls, turquoise blue ponds and a cafe near the water with culture, atmosphere and leisure facilities is a beautiful place called Demirtas Sapadere Canyon. Offering excursions and walking routes that you must see in order to believe Demirtas Sapadera is a hidden Garden of Heaven that can be compared with all metaphors when you get to Alanya.

Alanya quickly turns into an organized, clean, well-built and managed city that can offer everyone everything that a person needs in order to live a full life.

Come to Alanya and live the dream …

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