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Studying in Turkey

Posted by Tamer on June 21, 2019
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Studying in Turkey

If you want to study in Turkey, we recommend reading the article.

Be it for living, visiting, relaxing, adventuring or studying, Turkey is one of the most hospitable and hospitable countries in the world, which offers you miracles that you have not experienced before.

With nature, adventure, fun, beauty, natural landscapes, wonders of the wild, a thriving economy, beautifully designed cities and culture, you will find Turkey an adventure for life.

Considering the possibility of studying in Turkey, you will find this diversity in what Turkey has to offer in terms of its educational standards. Whether it’s a school, college or university, education is something that is respected all over the world in Turkey, and with thousands of foreign students coming from all over the world just to study, Turkey offers the best in higher education and the quality of education that should be in the world.



Top-rated universities such as Bogazici University, Middle East Technical University or Bilkent University offer a wide range of educational programs. When considering medical research, Baskent University in Alanya offers world-class medical research and doctoral studies, known throughout Turkey as one of the leaders in hospital and medical education. Students from all over the world studying for graduate and doctoral studies have chosen Turkey for the quality of their education and worldwide recognition as a competitive platform in the global education arena. In addition to excellent education, universities and colleges throughout Turkey offer scholarships for sports clubs and continue to play sports as any educational institution.


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In Turkey, there are many educational institutions for foreign students who, after graduation, are required to work in public sectors. This has helped direct sectors to modernize Turkey and the economic climate. Scholarships offered by the Government of Turkey cover most of the student expenses, including living expenses, accommodation, tuition, textbooks and additional costs, as well as any additional tuition costs associated with student education. The Turkish government also provides comprehensive comprehensive health insurance for any scholarships accepted. For foreign students arriving from an educational institution, a state scholarship also includes relocation to and from the home country to visit family and friends when the study period is over, which covers all travel and transportation expenses provided.

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Scholarship applications

The scholarship application process is similar to any other scholarship application. A potential scientist must provide all the details of his previous education, including secondary school certificates, and pass the entrance exams, including IELTS, and provide a certain acceptable average mark that a student needs to enter the university of his choice, provided for by the scholarship proposal. Each year, the government announces students who have successfully achieved admission to the scholarship, and all other examinations, such as assessments of mental health and general health, should be conducted and confirmed as passed to the evaluators of scholarships offered by the Turkish government.

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