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Summer in Istanbul: beaches, parks and open-air cinemas

Posted by Tamer on August 30, 2019
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Summer in Istanbul: beaches, parks and open-air cinemas

Alternative summer activities in Istanbul: beaches, parks and open-air cinemas.

Summer Fun in Istanbul

The famous proverb about travels says that memories happen in the summer. Most people automatically remember sandy beaches and warm summer evenings on cool verandas. However, the bustling city of Istanbul offers an abundance of summer memories. Often associated with long lines in the museum and in the busy shopping area, Istanbul and its surrounding areas are full of small coastal villages, evergreen parks and various activities for self-rest during hot summer temperatures.

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Outdoor movie theaters in Istanbul

Take with you a cold box with drinks, a blanket or sun loungers and go with your family to one of Istanbul’s open-air cinemas. They are still a relatively new concept, but are catching on in the summer. Gelengelköy, a small area near Uskudar, turns a football field into an evening movie theater with enough seats for everyone. Playing old Turkish films is a great introduction to the nostalgic media trends of Turkey’s past.

The Cinecity Trio in Kozyatağı is a modern alternative to outdoor display. The cinema chain, opened since 1993, operates throughout Turkey. Thanks to the latest 3D sound system, open only in 3 months of summer, it is in great demand.

Cinema “ENKA Esref Denizhan”, opened since 1984, enjoys a wide and respected reputation. This is not surprising, because its 1000-seat theater is ideal for visitors who can watch a wide range of international and Turkish films. Annual cultural festivals are also held, their open script opens from July to August.

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Beautiful beaches in Istanbul

School holidays and trips to city resorts on the west and south coast. Those who cannot demand due to labor obligations, instead, 20 kilometers to the outskirts to enjoy the many beaches that in the past had a bad reputation, but now have cleanliness and full amenities.

Bourke Beach, consisting of 2 kilometers of golden Turkish sand, is famous for its trade. With the support of the bar and restaurant, numerous events such as kayaking and windsurfing are also held here. Belonging to the famous university in Bogazichi, enjoying the sun terrace, having lunch in the restaurant and leisurely swimming in the crystal blue sea.

Sunny Beach and private business position themselves as a vacation for the townspeople. In 2000, there were people, restaurants and bars, water sports and beach parties in the city. They hold the famous championships in water skiing.


Cadebostan Beach in the Asian region of Kadikoy has been closed for many years. The only drawback is that it is located near the main center, no matter what. The beach at Kumburgaz is also popular among Turkish families, while other places have beaches on Princess Island or the Black Sea coast.

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Green parks of Istanbul

All green areas or parks are ideal for a slow relaxing break. Gulhane Park, near the Topkapi Palace, the former houses of the Ottoman sultans, were previously used only in the royal family, but everything changed in 1912.

Now picturesque landscapes, plants and trees, designated tropics, cart sellers selling street food and candy floss. Gulhane is ideal for day walks, and for the whole day, Yeldyz Grove in the Besiktas district puts all the marks “perfectly”. This huge and former imperial park, which is greatly underestimated, with its pools, ponds and flower displays, it has a large picnic area, as well as two pavilions where drinks are collected.

Emirgan Grove, another public park, occupies more than 117 acres and has many amenities, and also takes part in the annual replacement tulip festival. Finally, Bebek in a prestigious area offers beautiful views of the Bosphorus and can easily provide that summer moment that will leave memories for life.

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