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Why is it necessary to invest in real estate in Turkey?

Posted by Tamer on August 21, 2019
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Why is it necessary to invest in real estate in Turkey?

If you want to buy property in Turkey or invest, we recommend that you read this article!

People who think about moving to Turkey often end up in one of two camps. The first one has no connections, no financial obligations and eagerly gets on a plane to live abroad without hesitation. The second group often has many questions, doubts, all that you need to know, and also tries to seek advice from friends and family.

They wonder if they will miss their grandchildren or, for those younger, whether they can live and work in Turkey all year round. They are wondering if the cultural gap is too big and whether they will skip everything from their country, including TV shows, cuisine and friends.

We understand that for some this is a more important life decision than for others, but, as the old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way out.

почему нужно инвестировать в недвижимость в турции?

Relocation to Turkey: Reasons People Do It

From conversations with customers who had already raised their clubs and made a move, various reasons arose for why they did it. While some pay tribute to multicultural relationships, others wanted to join family members who were already here. However, two main reasons stood out over all the others.

1: Value for money: money is considered the main reason people moved to Turkey, especially those who live in the coastal resorts of the Aegean and Mediterranean seas such as Alanya, Fethiye, Didim, Kusadasi, Antalya, Marmaris, Bodrum, Hisaronu and Ovachik. A large number of foreign residents agree that, compared with Western countries, the cost of living is much cheaper.

2: A laid-back lifestyle: although we know that Turks are sometimes too laid-back, this is actually a big bait for foreigners. The stress of a modern lifestyle is also minimized thanks to Turkish hospitality, which is often considered the most hospitable in the world, and as a result no one feels lonely.

The ideal weather climate year-round, in the west and south contributes to outdoor life, and despite the increase in the number of frozen instant foods, Turkish cuisine has remained faithful to its roots with an emphasis on fresh ingredients. People say that both factors contribute to their stress-free life, well-being and health in ways that their country cannot match.

Why Turkey is the perfect place for family vacations

Two cons of living in Turkey

Life is always a delicate balance of good and evil, no matter what situation we are in. Often, the fulfillment of our dreams for life involves sacrifice. When taking a step, it’s important to keep an open mind, and although we recommend that you make the most of good times, don’t think that your new life will be like a God-given utopia. You will encounter difficulties that can lead to your heartache and patience.

1: The language barrier: Many people say that it is difficult for them to learn a language, often citing inability to remember words and masterful pronunciation as reasons. For people living in coastal resorts, this is not a big problem for everyday life, because many locals speak English thanks to tourists.

However, when looking for workers doing irregular jobs, or when looking for red tape in official offices, the language barrier becomes a problem. The good news is that many Turkish friends are always ready to help, and for obtaining official documentation, in any case, you need to use a certified translator. Our article on easy ways to learn Turkish provides tips, tricks, and tips to overcome the language barrier.

2: Expatriate Syndrome. It is hard to believe that anyone living a delightful life in the sun, without worrying about the world, could get a mental illness, but the unofficial expat syndrome is real.

Often, after a person has a feeling that he is a donkey in his new life, the main reasons are too much time and lack of structure in everyday life.

We all heard the stories of people who come here and get a big beer belly, because they choose the pub as the first place to cure their boredom. Make sure exercise is a daily routine and enjoy hobbies such as photography, golfing, walking, or helping local charities.

почему нужно инвестировать в недвижимость в турции?

Tips and 3 things to know before making a move

All experts agree that for moving countries, certain personality traits will matter if your new life is a complete failure or the best life decision you have ever made.

1: Be open to new experiences: now is not the time to be sure what life should be like. You will meet people from different walks of life and find yourself in situations that have never happened before. Curiosity and a desire to learn are key.

2: Financial management: Converting between the currency of your country and the Turkish lira can be difficult when the exchange rate changes day by day. Owning more than one house in different countries causes an acute need for financial management skills. Know your finances, outbound and expenses to make sure that you are not mistaken. If you plan to become one of the many foreigners in Turkey who use the beneficial monthly savings interest rates to live, look for the best deals.

3: A big picture of what is happening: There will be sad days and moments when you will miss friends and family at home. From time to time, your patience is extended by bureaucracy and bureaucracy. At other times, cultural differences may arise with Turkish neighbors. When such things happen, remember not to get stuck in the details and remember why you moved to Turkey. A keen sense of self-awareness will help you look at the good side of life, not the bad.

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