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Discover Istanbul: 7 sights of the Bosphorus

Posted by Tamer on October 1, 2019
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Discover Istanbul: 7 sights of the Bosphorus

Entertainment on the Bosphorus: exploring Istanbul at your leisure

Discover Istanbul 7 sights of the Bosphorus A wide range of entertainment in the Bosphorus. Tell us about visiting the Sultanahmet area. Although it presents only a fragment of the historical chronology of the city, namely the Byzantine and Ottoman era.


Indeed, visiting the sights and visiting the Bosphorus is not only a story, but also an idea of ​​small villages, their culture, traditions and everyday life. All that is needed for this is that this strait requires respect, and for centuries many empires have fought for it.

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Located in the north-west of Turkey, it divides the Black and Marmara seas. And we continue to do this today. It also played a key role in the capture of Constantinople in 1453. In general, it is worth visiting this attraction, which presents the most expensive real estate markets in Turkey, to the old Ottoman and historical mosques.

Daily traffic: large tankers, cargo carriers on pleasure yachts, tourist, tourist, local residents. Due to the fact that many of them depart from the seaport to Eminena and pass through the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. You can also arrange a private cruise, although it is expensive.


1: Visit Maiden Tower


Located in the middle of the Bosphorus, the Maiden Tower is one of the few discussed sights, but the interesting urban legends surrounding it make it interesting to visit. He said that he had to protect his daughter from the snake, but he had to bring fruit, just like containing a hidden snake. Today, its main purpose is a restaurant, which can be reached by boat from the Asian side.



2: Follow the Bosphorus Yalis


The 18th and 19th century Yali mansions portray the exquisite, beautiful side of Istanbul and showcase a distinctive wooden architectural style. Many belonged to the Ottoman royal family and high-level social circles of Istanbul.Therefore, you cannot follow the front door, and you will always be able to find more than 600 people, because they are famous places. Among the most famous of them is Erbilgen, which was sold for more than 100 million euros.


3: Explore famous coastal villages


Do as locals do, and explore local communities. It can be reached by ferry or by road. Among the more famous are Arnavutka, a small village famous for the beauty of ancient Ottoman houses, the Greek Orthodox Church and local restaurants where fresh fish and seafood are present.

along with traditional Turkish meze. His neighbor next door, Bebek, is where he spends time with wealthy citizens, and then, when Ortakoy is famous for its mosques and kumpir. Kilios is the perfect place if you want to spend time on the beach, while Kanliki claims to fame are related to homemade sugar yogurt.


4: Splendor in Dolmabahce Palace

Arriving at the roadside entrance, a tour of the courtyard Dolmabahce opens his eyes to the last days of the fallen Ottoman Empire. All this – silk carpets, ceilings of gold leaf, crystal stairs and chandeliers from royal Victoria, which are also the only ones in the world. A complete trip to the Harem and Selanik, recorded on an excursion and visiting the room in which Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey, died.



5: Rumeli Fortress: Conquer Istanbul


To build this fortress in just four months, it played a key role in the capture of the Ottoman Empire by Constantinople. Located in the narrowest place near Anadolu Castle, it served many purposes, including a prison, customs post, a small improvised area and is now one of the unique open-air museums in Istanbul.


6: Ortakey Mosque: a religious attraction


Ortakoy Kami in many travel publications. This beautiful Baroque building, built in the 19th century, instantly conveys the atmosphere of the area to the Bosphorus. Admire the exterior. All you need to visit is a guarantee of natural light to enhance its intricate decor and perfect mosaic.

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7: Museum of Fine Arts. Sakipa Sabanchi

In this museum, which is often called the best on the Bosphorus. This private museum featuring calligraphy, collections of Ottoman paintings and furniture holds theme exhibitions every month. Since its opening in 2002, this museum has been actively developing. It is open every day except Monday, which is only 30 Turkish liras. Also stunning views of the Bosphorus.


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