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Mahmutlar Alanya Guide

Posted by Tamer on September 6, 2019
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Mahmutlar Alanya Guide

If you want to know Mahmutlar, we recommend that you read the article.

Mahmutlar is a modest tourist area located 10 km east of the center of Alanya. Mahmutlar, which was associated with Alanya, was a separate city until 2014. Everything changed after the law on the big city, which entered into force in 2014. This area is larger than many other areas due to its population and economic structure. Mahmutlar is the fastest growing region of Alanya. There are many reasons for this. In this article I will touch on all of these reasons. In addition, I will give you information about the physical structure of Mahmutlar, sectoral development, tourism, construction, life, past and future.

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Mahmutlar is 10 km from the center of Alanya. One of the most important factors in its development is that it is located 25 km from Gazipasa Airport. There is no traffic to / from Gazipasa airport – there are only 2 traffic lights on the way.

Mahmutlar lies parallel to the sea. The coastal road is called D400 and is a long-distance. The second road running parallel to the sea is Barboros Street. The third road is Ataturk street. These three roads run from one Mahmutlar to another in parallel. Ataturk Street ends at the end of Mahmutlar in the east and connects directly to the road through Kestel in the west. Barboros Street ends on the opposite side and extends to Kargicak in the east.

Barboros Street is the most developed of the 3 streets. There are all the important places in Mahmutlar. There are many restaurants, boutiques, pharmacies, retail outlets. Mahmutlar Post Office, Garanti Bank, İş Bank, Yapıkredi Bank, Finans Bank, Zıraat Bank are located on Barboros Street.

The farthest point of the sea in the village of Mahmutlar does not exceed 750 meters. Almost all places are within walking distance of the sea. These three roads run parallel to the sea. To get to the center of Alanya, you only need to board a bus or taxi.

Public markets are open at two different points on Saturdays and Tuesdays. You can find clothes, shoes, fresh vegetables and fruits in these 2 markets. Variety and price vary depending on the season, especially in fruits and vegetables. Prices for fruits and vegetables are cheaper than in markets. The main reason for this is farming, which itself produces products and sells its products on the market.

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How can I spend time in Mahmutlar?

You can have a really good time with your friends, family or alone in Mahmutlar. In the morning you can always get up and buy fresh vegetables from the market or at the grocery store. Then you prepare a good breakfast. Also, a very good cafe and restaurant serves a very good and rich breakfast. Then you go to the pool. Go to bed for 1-2 hours in the afternoon. You can walk in the evening and swim in the pool or in the sea. Upon returning from the sea, you can choose a restaurant with live music and a nice dinner.

You can be sure that you will spend your two-week vacation in Mahmutlar without being bored. Mahmutlar is located near many historical and tourist places. You can get to these and many other tourist destinations by bus or taxi at any time.



Mahmutlar has been busy for months

The tourist season in Mahmutlar begins in mid-April and ends as the end of October. The peak months are June, July and August. Of course, in winter there are not very many tourists, but many of them settled here in winter because of the beautiful weather.

The number of sunny days in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is a region of Alanya on the Mediterranean coast. Naturally, the climate here is Mediterranean. 4 seasons. In autumn and spring it is still not too cold and you can swim. The weather is usually sunny or rainy. In winter there is no snow, but the temperature can drop below 10 degrees in the evening, sunny or rainy in the afternoon. Summer is hot and humid. You can find the weather for every taste.

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The liveliest tourist nations in Mahmutlar

Many people consider Mahmutalar a liveable place, both because of the large number of residential buildings and because local tourists prefer to build houses. Most of the citizens living in Mahmutlar are Russians, followed by Ukrainians, Iranians, Iraqis, Jordanians, Norwegians, Irish, Swedes and many other countries.

There are certain reasons why people from different countries choose Mahmutlar for life. I will try to explain some of them to you:

  1. The reason is that housing prices are adequate. In Mahmutlar, you can find houses suitable for almost any budget. The reason for this is that the construction of multi-storey buildings is allowed in Mahmutlar.
  2. The reason is that every point is close to the sea, and the sea is in every region.
  3. The reason is an organized city with completed urbanization, Mahmutlar infrastructure and a superstructure. Malfunctions are eliminated in a timely manner, garbage is collected in a timely manner, and the municipality regularly conducts cleaning.
  4. Living is very comfortable. The price of basic building materials is very affordable compared to other countries. And access to these materials, as well as to products and household chemicals is very simple. There is a grocery store around the corner.
  5. The air is very clean and warm.
  6. A popular point of view on tourists and settled foreigners owning housing and good relations with them.
  7. There are many tourist and historical places to visit.
  8. Fast and convenient transportation, zero traffic around the city.
  9. Providing convenience for foreigners and the law of the Republic of Turkey.
  10. A huge number of companies that sell the right product at the right price without any problems, providing proper services to foreigners who want to have housing.

To Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar began to develop in the field of construction and tourism in the last 30 years. All this developed very quickly. However, the area solved the infrastructure problem quickly and well adapted to urbanization. Prior to this process, the most important livelihood in the region was agriculture and livestock. Of course, there has been a reduction in these sectors due to land reductions due to development.

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Security in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is a place for tourists where there are not too many events. For this reason, about 20 gendarmes serve 45,000 people living in the region.



Educational services provided to foreigners in Mahmutlar

Turkey also allows its residents to send their children to school. I will present the details of this in another article. Mahmutlar has enough public schools, as well as international schools and kindergartens for foreigners.

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