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Guide to Kepez Antalya

Posted by Tamer on September 20, 2019
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Guide to Kepez Antalya

To get to know Kepez in Antalya, we recommend that you read the article.


Kepez is the central district of Antalya. It is the most populous district after Antalya Muratpaşa district. Due to its central location, Kepez is the place where all kinds of commercial, political and economic cycles of Antalya are provided. Tourism is not very active. In this article I will give you information about Kepez history and places to visit.

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Until the early 1970s, the border of the city of Antalya, north of the former SSK Hospital, ‘Beyazbina’  belonging to the Highways would end in a place called. City buses and minibuses would come to Beyazbina and return again. Thereafter, there were frequent scrub and occasional rock fragments.

Kepez, which means alan rocky area by the sea t and the crown worn by brides, crowns the plain in the north of Antalya like a bride’s head.

Until the 1960s, the city of Antalya was a little further from the Sarampol district; formerly called ‘Social Security (SSK) Hospital kuzeyinde, it would end in a place called Beyaz Beyazbina ın by the people of Antalya. This is the point where Güllük and Şarampol Streets meet when going to Çallı. The so-called white building consisted of a white-lime whitewashed road maintenance and control house built by the Highways in the 1950s.

At that time, city buses and minibuses would come here and come back again. After that, it was an area covered with frequent scrub and occasional rock fragments. In the past, which is a little ahead of Beyazbina, today includes the Police Building and the large junction where the Atatürk Monument is located, these natural rock fragments, which look as if they were planted by human hands higher than a human neck, attracted the attention of everyone passing by. Because of these stones, this flatness was called ‘Sewn Stones.. From the mid-1970s onwards, there was no house in this district, which was called “Weaving” until the middle of that year. All sides were covered with stony and shrubbery. Kepez’e continued on both sides of the road, between the rocks, was full of maquis and wild strawberry trees.

Today, on the way to the new bus station, there were two cistern buildings that belonged to the Ottoman Era, a little ahead of the old Battery Factory. One of them was preserved, but the other was destroyed during the construction of the road because it remained in the road.


Until the 1960s, this area, where these Double Cisterns were located, was a place where early morning breaks from various inns in Antalya departed and left the city to check the deficiencies of camel caravans and carriages. Here the final checks of cars and horses are done, the last passengers to join the caravan were expected here. When the caravan was flattened, the journey to Kepez began in convoys starting from the Double Cisterns.

A little ahead of the Double Cisterns; To the left of the Antalya-Burdur highway is the Vakıf Muratpaşa Farm, which is located on the ridges of Kepez, which is 14.000 hectares, which was established by the Beylerbeyi Murat Paşa in the year 982 (1574 AD) and started as a foundation.

This farm, which was not taken care of for almost a hundred years, started to be operated after the Republic in the early 1930s. For this purpose, hundreds of wild olives, carob and carob trees were inoculated. Very old canals on the farm were opened and repaired and the swamps were dried. In 1965, an olive oil factory was established in order to evaluate the olives grown here, and from 1967 onwards, the local people started processing the olives they produce.

However, the fate of civil servants, gardeners and small-scale craftsmen to the people of Antalya, to create new livelihoods, to establish new factories in the mid-1950s, the government has applied to the results; For the areas where the factories will be established, the left side of the Antalya-Burdur highway, which Antalya people call “too far,” was shown.

Cotton Weaving Factory and Kepez Power Plant in 1955, and Antalya Ferrochrome and Carbide Factory established by Etibank and French Pechiney Company in 1957 took their place after each other. These factories, established in 1964 Guayul Rubber Factory, laid the foundation in 1969, Antalya Oil Industry started production in 1969, followed by the Battery Factory opened in 1976 followed. Since the first Weaving Factory was established in this region, the people called it “Weaving”. Now, the only urban transport vehicle that goes further than Beyazbin is the Weaving Factory Shuttle bus, which transports workers to the weaving Factory in three shifts.

In the mid-1970s, slowly zoning in this region, settled by buying land settled by the nickname Calli Mehmet Sencan, land made the first house. Son Load. Eng. When İbrahim Şencan built Çallıoğlu İşhanı in the same place in 1976 and hung the very large “Çallıoğlu” sign on the building, the minibus drivers started to use the name “Çallı” as the route name. In time, this name was settled as a district name and the name “Obelisk” went into oblivion.

Serik District Antalya

Places to Visit

The light rail system from Kepez provides quick access to the center of Antalya. Since Kepez intercity bus terminal is located here, it receives lots of visitors. Moreover, Kepez welcomes many tourists because it is close to Konyaalti beach. The most important tourist wealth of Kepez is the Düden Waterfall. Kepez does not have a lot of natural beauties because it is in a central position and has a large population.


Düden waterfall: 10 km from the center of Antalya. The waterfall, which takes its source from Kepez Hidoelectric Power Plant and spills into the Mediterranean, offers a tremendous view.



Antalya Zoo: It is located in the district of Kepez in Antalya. Antalya Zoo opened in 1989 by the municipality has 856 species of 100 species. In the zoo established on a large area; picnic areas, children’s playgrounds, natural water resources and small waterfalls. After visiting the animals in the various sections, you can have a picnic.




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