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Kemer The Pearl of Tourism in Turkey

Posted by Tamer on August 29, 2019
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Kemer The Pearl of Tourism in Turkey

Kemer The Pearl of Tourism in Turkey.Kemer currently has a very important place in terms of tourism in Antalya. It is the largest town in terms of tourism especially in the western part of Antalya. In this article I will give you information about Kemer and Kemer Tourism.

Old village people, to protect themselves from these floods, the mountains at the foot of 23km. long, stone wall and then, because of this wall to their villages called Kemer.

There was not highway Street until the 1960’s. Transport is only provided with the sea for Kemer. After 1980 Kemer developed and grow. Kemer has become one of Turkey’s most popular tourist destinations. One of the main attractions of Kemer is its natural beauty. The sea, the forest and the mountains meet at one point. Phaselis Antique City, Çıralı Yanartas, Selçuk Hunting house and Idyros Antique City are among the historical structures of our region.

The clarity of the sea, the greenery of the forest, the sea waves extending to the pine trees and the use of pine trees as shades on the beaches are quite attractive. The whole coast starting from Beldibi to Tekirova is a completely natural beach. Municipal beach in the center of Kemer, next to the marina is the Moonlight beach. It is possible to swim in places like Phaselis beach. It is possible to use the swimming pools and beaches of the accommodation for a fee. The ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis can be reached from Kemer. Safari tours to high places such as Söğüt Cuması, Altınkaya and Dere villages are also very popular in recent years. In addition, other caves in the region are the charm.

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Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis VII. century was founded by Rhodes. The city, which has been the most important port on the east coast of Lycia for many years, has three harbors. North Harbor, War Harbor or Protected Harbor and South Harbor. The most important of these is in the south. In the middle of the city there is a magnificent 20-24 meters wide street. At the southern end of this street is Hadrian’s Gate. There are promenade and shops on both sides of the street. Nearby are public buildings such as Baths, Agora and Theater. The history of these buildings I. and II. century. City center with 70 m. There are water channels between the settlement which is built on a plateau at a height. Phaselis’e Antalya-Kumluca then reached.

Çıralı / Chimera

Olympos II. century is a port city established. XV. century. The ancient city is on both sides of a valley of unique beauty. Where the valley and the city reaches the sea, the beach creates a unique beach. The famous Bellerophontes legend is also mentioned here. The locals in Çıralı call it Yan Yanartaş “, and it is said that the fire known as natural gas leakage is described as Chimera’s fire in mythology and also inspires Olympic fire. Located in the west of Antalya between Kemer and Adrasan, Çıralı-Yanartaş is among the preferences of those who want to stay in nature in daily camping and bungalow-style pensions. Another guests of the Çıralı beach are Caretta Caretta who come to the region every year to build a nest.


Kesirboğazi Canyon

Located in Beydağları Coast National Park, five kilometers from the center of Kemer, the wonder of nature is the address of peace and convenience. You can watch wild animals by walking near the creek beds, where ice-cold water flows, and you can cool off in pleasant cold water.

Molla Deliği Cave

Molla Deliği cave is located on the eastern slope of 910 meters altitude of the Tahtali Mountain with 2365 meters rising to the west of Kemer. It is accessible on foot from Kuzdere and Tekirova cable car sub-station. There are stalagmites, stalagmites and ponds of various shapes in the cave, which is reached from the pathway covered with endemic vegetation of the region. It was developed within the Jurassic Lower Cretaceous Tekedağı limestone formation. It is a cave with many arms. Molla Deliği cave is a wonder of nature, visited by cavers and nature sports enthusiasts who want to travel to the depths of Tahtalı (Olympos) Mountain which has been the subject of legends.


Ulupınar is the neighborhood where most of the native rights living in Çıralı are born and raised. The distance between Çıralı and Ulupınar varies between 8-10 km by car. Ulupınar neighborhood is named after its natural spring waters. Although it has clear, ice-cold water, it meets drinking water in Çıralı and a few regions. Thanks to the spring water of Ulupınar, there are many trout farms and trout restaurants in the area.

The Highlands of Kemer

Beycik, Ovacik, Plateau Kuzdere and Üçoluk, especially the highlands of Kemer with its outstanding scenery and natural beauty stands out. The inhabitants of Kemer inhabit the plateaus where they can breathe from the heat of summer and are popular with local and foreign tourists.

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Nature Sports

Beydağları and Taurus Mountains, which stand with the unique beauty and majesty that meet upright with the sea, are a completely different world waiting to be rediscovered at any moment. The fact that the region is in the Mediterranean climate zone creates the most suitable conditions for outdoor sports in four seasons of the year and attracts enthusiasts to Kemer.


You can take part in many unique activities such as trekking, jeep safari, horse safari, enduro, mountain biking, caving, rock climbing, paragliding and nature photography among the unique beauties of Kemer. . You can camp in the highlands covered with juniper and cedar trees at the foot of the mountains or you can stay with nature in the businesses that serve nature tourism in the region.

The Göynük Canyon and the Valley in Kuzdere, located in the Göynük district, which is frequented by canyon hikers in the Kemer Region, are among the rare places for canyon enthusiasts.


Kemer offers many alternatives for rock climbers. One of the most beautiful climbing points of our region is Karataş (Twin Rocks) in Kemer Kuzdere. Karataş, which consists of two volcanic rocks, is a natural wonder. With its different climbing points, Karataş is frequented by both amateur and professional climbers.




Shipwreck of Paris 2

The wreckage of Paris 2 battleship, which was shown as one of the 100 dive sites in the world and sunk during the First World War, is located at 33mt. depth. Artillery Captain Mustafa Ertugrul under the command of the Artillery Batteries sunk on December 13, 1917 Paris 2 ship length of 50 mt. Width 8 mt. And it weighed 551 tons. The ship had 6 anti-aircraft guns and 2 torpedo casings. After the discovery of the Paris 2 shipwreck in 1995, it became the center of attention for divers and underwater photographers.

Underwater and Diving

Another magnificent beauty of Kemer is the sea that resembles an aquarium. Kemer offers diving opportunities in all seasons of the year and attracts enthusiasts with its various diving reefs and centers on the shores of Üç Adalar region, Büyük Burun, Tekirova, Çamyuva and Göynük. There are close to 50 diving schools in Kemer and is open all year round. While there are various types of fish on the shores of Kemer, especially in August and September, it is possible to come across tuna flocks as well as dolphins and seals. Caretta Carettas are also guests of Kemer.

Boat Tours

It is possible to experience another beauty of Kemer with daily or weekly or longer yacht tours. You can get out of Kemer with yacht and boat tours and swim in the unique bays of the Mediterranean Sea, and you will have the chance to watch Beydağlar Mountains with the beauty of green and blue. You can also enjoy the unforgettable sea of ​​adrenaline with its water sports and activities on all the beaches in the region.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Kemer, the paradise of tourism, promises its guests hours of fun with its excellent sea-sun-sand trio. These entertainments; it is not limited to daylight hours and sea, but also offers many options for holidaymakers who want to have fun at night. Kemer is the most popular entertainment area of ​​the southern coast with the quality and activities of the entertainment clubs.

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