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3 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands

Posted by Tamer on August 23, 2019
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3 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands


Written on: 18 August 2018

3 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands.The famous clothes designer Edith Head once said, “You can have anything in life if you dress for it” and judging from the many Turkish clothing brands with six-digit turnover figures, Turks think the same.


In Turkey, feeling good and looking good go hand in hand and the younger Turkish generation are not only following fashion trends but also setting them. But it wasn’t always like this. For many decades, Turkey lagged behind the fashion and clothing industries of countries like France, America and England.


Then at the turn of the century, Turkish clothing brands emerged as a force to be reckoned with. The Internet made it easier to reach the masses, and they not only gained countrywide recognition, but some also went global.


As with any tale of fashion houses, Istanbul must be mentioned. It is to Turkey what Paris is to France and New York to America. A destination where clothing and fashion brands are made or broken. This is where fashion addicts also shop for the crème de la crème. Whether they want haute couture, high-end boutiques or to replicate the style of their favourite celebrity, the fashion houses of Istanbul accommodate every whim.


Midnight Express in Bebek, whose average prices of goods start at 2,000 Turkish lira is a perfect example. Specialising in casual chic fashion and high-end jewellery, they source unique clothing from international and Turkish designers. Atelier 55 in the Galata district makes a lot of money using the same concept as does Building who pride themselves on working with up-and-coming designers.


The list goes on and on to include names like Vakko, Fey, Arzu Kaprol, and Beyman, but heading out of Istanbul to the rest of Turkey, which brands are favourites for all the family, young and old?

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3 Popular Turkish Clothing Brands


Ipekyol: For the Modern Urban Woman


Ipekyol first opened their doors in 1989, and as one of Turkey’s most successful clothing brands, they now have 142 stores across Turkey. Also making a roaring trade from online shopping, they branched out to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, and Bahrain.


Their feminine collections aimed at modern urban women revolve around the concept of ready-to-wear quality clothing and they have collaborated with many designers including Zeynep Tosun. In 2016, they launched their denim collection to dress every woman regardless of her size or body shape. As Ipekyol would say, they capture the rhythm of the city and every moment of life and promise every woman wearing their clothing will feel self-confident and relaxed.

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 3 популярных турецких бренда одежды


DeFacto: For the Family


DeFacto first opened in 2005, and its rise to success led it to open 324 stores in Turkey and 123 stores in 24 other countries including Egypt, Russia, Tunisia and Kazakhstan. Specialising in apparel and fashion for the whole family, their mission is to be one of the top three Turkish companies in their industry.


Much of DeFacto’s game plan is based on quality products at affordable prices, making this brand a favourite of working-class families. They also specialise down to the smallest detail. Bespoke collections are created for each country depending on local cultures and lifestyles.


It will also please fans of the earth to know DeFacto was one of the first Turkish brands to focus on environmentally friendly products because an expert in house team created their Inova and ECO signature collections.




LC Waikiki: A Quest for Global Recognition


LC Waikiki didn’t start out as a Turkish brand, but these days, it is a leading fashion company, not only in Turkey but throughout the world. Founded in 1988 in France, they sold it to Turkish owners in 1997 and now have 880 stores in 38 countries.


LC Waikiki is not content with just dominating the Turkish market because they want to be a leading European company by 2023. In 2017, they entered the Indonesian and more unique Kenyan market, and in 2016, they added home textiles to their LC Waikiki Home brand. Their philosophy that everyone may wear good clothes is evident in their surprisingly affordable clothing for men, women, children and babies.


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 3 популярных турецких бренда одежды



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